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How digital paths can change entire company structures: SANUSLIFE shows the way

Digitization of companies - How digital paths can change entire company structures: SANUSLIFE shows the way...

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Own currency as a globalization driver for companies using the example of SANUSCOINS

Digitization has never had such a significant impact on companies as it does today. Corporate decision-making processes and internal workflows are experiencing a digital transformation...

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From water filter- company to sustainable coin provider

Every company goes through changes in its history that move it forward and help it to realize its visions. But it is unusual for a company to go from being a manufacturer of water filters to offering its own digital currency...

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Digital money from Europe - SANUSCOINS as an approach for a real payment alternative?

Time and again, cryptocurrencies make the headlines: First with spectacular gains in value - and often a little later with crashing losses. The reasons for these strong fluctuations and the still missing recognition as a real alternative means of payment are mainly these two...

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How a water filter-specialist is developing an alternative payment ecosystem

Cryptocurrencies and sustainability - two contrasting topics that are hotly debated.
But while Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. are increasingly described as harmful to the environment and are rarely used as a means of payment, an Italian company is working on a possible turnaround...

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SANUSCOIN - The “Token over Bitcoin blockchain”.

World sensation: A South Tyrolean company brings its crypto coin onto the Bitcoin blockchain. And that's just the beginning…

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Italian eRetailer Uses Blockchain for International Trade

Northern Italy-based SANUSLIFE—which sells tap water treatment systems, nutrition supplements and natural cosmetics—is deploying blockchain technology to enhance their customers’ online shopping experience and drive their international expansion...

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