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Registrieren Sie sich kostenlos als FREE User bei SANUSLIFE und erhalten Sie 20 SANUSCREDITS als Willkommensgeschenk! Mit tollen Videobotschaften von der Umweltaktivistin Magdalena Geschnitzer und unserem Geschäftsführer Ewald Rieder begleiten wir Sie die ersten Tage und zeigen Schritt für Schritt, was Ihnen die SANUSWELT zu bieten hat.

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The Magic of 2 Worlds

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The SANUSCOIN-EXPLORER is a Bitcoin block explorer that can also read SANUSCOIN transactions. It is a web application that allows anyone to view and analyze transactions and blocks in the Bitcoin blockchain.

This means that every bitcoin and SANUSCOIN transaction can be accurately tracked and controlled, from the first block to the last block that has not yet been completed.

By the way...

Every SANUSCOIN transaction is also a Bitcoin transaction - but it is a special transaction because it carries a certain amount of SANUSCOIN. It uses a very small amount of Bitcoin, expressed by the term “commissions”, which is the amount that must be paid to use the Bitcoin blockchain.


The blockchain wallet split into 2.

To manage and transfer coins, you need a digital wallet or purse. SANUSWALLET is available for this purpose. It is 100% free. It has space for Bitcoin. And SANUSCOIN!

2 Coins

  • Both run on the same Blockchain.
  • Both can be managed in the same wallet.
  • Both are recorded in the SANUSCOIN-EXPLORER.
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Instructions for setting up the SANUSWALLETS

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The whitepaper.

Among other things, the whitepaper gives a detailed insight into how the SANUSCOIN was programmed to be stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, the plan behind it and why you should definitely have the coin.

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